dr. András Sándor Kovalcsuk

Attorney at Law

Phone +36-1-920-64-64

Email kovalcsuk@kpllc.hu


Dr. András Sándor Kovalcsuk has been working at law firms since the beginning of his career. In addition to his traditional activities as an attorney, he has focused on private law, including civil law, contract law, commercial law and labour law. In addition to drafting and advising on commercial law, he has gained considerable experience in the field of litigation, in connection with representation of a large number of natural and legal persons in civil, commercial and labour law litigation and other non-litigation proceedings.

Currently, together with his colleagues at KERTÉSZ AND PARTNERS PLLC, he is mainly involved with providing legal representation to clients in connection with litigation and non-litigation proceedings.


  • litigation and non-litigation procedures
  • civil law
  • labour law


Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law – Lawyer, 2002
Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law, Legal Training Institute - Training of Expert in European Law, 2002-2003
Member of Budapest Bar Association - trainee lawyer, 2002
Law Exam, 2007
Member of Budapest Bar Association - lawyer, 2007
DPO training, 2020


German – Intermediate, English - Conversational